Featured Candidate: Charlie Brown (CA-04)

I had the honor of meeting Lt. Col. Charlie Brown at the California Young Democrats Lake Tahoe Retreat, and I came away knowing that he is a man of experience and character, exactly the qualities needed to be an excellent member of Congress.

Charlie Brown has had a distinguished 26-year Air Force career during which he was involved in every U.S. military conflict from Vietnam to Desert Storm, and has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism during aerial operations.

His experience in the Air Force has resulted in an overwhelming understanding of the costs of war, the importance of providing troops with proper equipment, and the need to ensure that the military is receiving the best possible intelligence.

His post-military career has involved working in finance, promoting fiscal responsibility, and public safety, serving twice as Vice-President of the Roseville Police Association. Charlie Brown’s broad experience makes him uniquely qualified to tackle the myriad issues that affect our county and the people of California’s Fourth Congressional District.

Charlie Brown has been a friend to Young Democrats and young voters across the board, and I am honored to feature him as a candidate.

To learn more about Charlie Brown visit his campaign site at http://www.charlieforcongress.com.

To make a contribution to the campaign go to https://secure.charlieforcongress.com/contribute.php

If you are in California and would like to get involved with his campaign as well as other important races, check out the California Young Democrats.