On behalf of the Young Voter PAC, we applaud the California Democratic Party, young leaders and the Obama campaign for standing up for the youth vote.

While we understand the political reality that the Obama campaign made earlier this week to cut some potential delegates off of the list in California, we along with the California Party and young leaders voiced our concerns to the campaign in hopes they would change their mind and allow all potential delegates to run as delegates to the National Convention at elections taking place this Sunday in California.

Young people, in particular, are energized this election cycle doubling and tripling their turnout numbers in the primary elections and caucuses.

“Any action to try and squelch young peoples’ enthusiasm and most importantly the drive to not just be voters and volunteers but leaders within the Party is a critical next step for young people.  For too long young people have not felt welcome or seen the Party structure as a place for change,” said Jane Fleming Kleeb, Young Voter PAC Director.

In the Obama campaign’s official statement on the delegate issue in California, they reminded potential delegates of both their desire for a unified National Convention and for patience this Sunday at the caucus locations, “we are confident that delegates elected from this pool will reflect the Senator’s commitment to a diverse and unified delegation at the National Convention. An overwhelming number of supporters have signed up to run for delegate, so there will likely be lines and tight space at the caucus locations. We ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation.”

“Young people continue to show they are not apathetic, that they are engaged at all levels of our Party,” said Jason Rae, a young Superdelegate from Wisconsin.  “We are looking forward to the continued trend of young people helping Democrats win up and down the ticket this November.”

The Young Voter PAC hopes the Obama campaign’s encouraging decision will translate to all other states and that the Clinton campaign will follow this decision as well so that all potential delegates will have the opportunity to run as Delegates to the National Convention in Denver, Colorado this summer.

Amber Goodwin, a Young Voter PAC volunteer, potential delegate and Texas Young Democrats activist stated, “This incident reminds us of the power of the youth vote and the power of having young committed staff inside the Party and leading youth groups that understand the value of the youth vote and that won’t stop until their power is recognized and appreciated.”

The Young Voter PAC is based on a simple idea; politics is better off with more young people involved.  We are dedicated to helping Democrats win with the youth vote through candidate endorsements, on-the-ground support, training, strategy, media, and money.  The youth vote (18-35 year olds) has emerged as a critical base of support for electoral success.  We work on a national and local level to help guide candidates, State Parties and allied organizations in their youth voting plans so they can secure this bloc of voters and build long-term infrastructures in their communities and states. www.youngvoterpac.org.