More Tips on Blogging and Websites

I have come up with some additional tips on blogging and websites since I published my Blogging for Young Democrats Chapters and The Importance of a Quality Website posts. Here are those tips.


  • Don’t write open thread posts on your blog unless you know that you are going to get feedback from your readership. A lot of bloggers starting out see established bloggers do them successfully and think that they will get more comments if they emulate them. Open thread posts are great if you have a large, active, and participatory community of readers, but it takes a long time to build this community.
  • You have an advantage as an organization over independent bloggers in that you have a membership to encourage to comment. Ask your members to read your blog and comment on posts. You will be able to identify members that may be good bloggers for you in the future.
  • I strongly suggest that your blogs RSS feed be set to show the full feed. Some people only use partial feeds as a teaser to get readers to physically visit their page, but my experience has been that those feeds get unsubscribed to and you lose readership.


  • Link your website to your social networking profiles (Facebook, MySpace) and vice versa. Keep those profiles up-to-date and coordinate your efforts with your site and blog with those profiles.
  • Use Flickr to create a photo gallery on your site. There are a number of impressive plugins and modules that do this attractively.

As is obvious by my need to post this addendum, I miss out on some ideas when I initially posts. Share your ideas with a comment.