Featured Candidate: Scott Kleeb (NE Senate)

Scott Kleeb represents the youth of America. Not only is he at 33 still a young Democrat, he has been a friend to the youth movement for many years. His family embodies the commitment to America’s youth. He is married to Jane Fleming-Kleeb, former Young Democrats of America Executive Director and currently of Young Voter PAC. His campaign was built from young activists asking him to run, and Scott answered. Now it is time to show that we are committed to his campaign and everything it represents.

Support Scott on ActBlue

This is a call to all young people and members of the Netroots who want to see Scott in the US Senate. We know he’ll have our back, so we need to have his.

If you contribute the max for the primary, $2,300, you are a Wrangler. All the rest of us are Backers.

We are trying to get to $33,000 by the primary which is on May 13th.

Young people are voting at record numbers and now it’s time to back Scott up with our money. Scott will be the youngest member of the US Senate when we get him elected.

This is our race. We drafted Scott – not party insiders, not the DNC, NDP, or the DSCC. We placed our trust in a (young) people powered candidate and he rose to the challenge.

We can do better than Tony Raimondo in the primary. We can do better than Mike Johanns in the general.

Many people are saying this race is unwinnable. That no matter how hard we work we will fall short.

They also said we wouldn’t show up to vote.

We proved them wrong there, let’s prove them wrong again.

We are the ones, let’s prove it!


Dislaimer: This endorsement is solely that of Kevin Bondelli and not of any organization or committee.