A Day in My Online Life

So some of you have wondered exactly what I’m doing on the computer all the time and how I do it. I figured I would write about my online activities on an average day.

First off, I use Firefox as my browser, as any self-respecting internet power user should. I use ColorfulTabs, TabMixPlus, GTDinbox, StumbleUpon, del.icio.us, Google Gears, and the Evernote extensions.

I start off by opening the main sites that I will pretty much have open the entire day: Gmail, Facebook, Google Reader, WordPress, and Adobe Buzzword.

I go through my emails, deleting everything I don’t need without reading it. I then go through the Google Alerts I have received and open tabs for each of the youth vote stories that look interesting. If I decide to put a story on my link post for this blog, I use the del.icio.us toolbar and add it as a bookmark. My del.icio.us account is set to post my links each day.  I read, respond, and organize my remaining emails and then move on to my Facebook.

With Facebook I pretty much just check out my news feed, invitations, and inbox, and then leave it.

Next are my RSS feeds. I use Google Reader and I love it. Now on any given weekday there will be near 1,000 posts in the morning, so I spend a bit of time with it. I quickly cycle through the new posts using the J and K keyboard shortcuts, and stop at anything that grabs my attention. This is where I find most of the articles that I tag in my link posts. Anything I find interesting and want to keep track of I star. Anything that I might want to use later in a blog post I save to Evernote.

Once the initial consumption phase is complete, I move on to the production phase. I go through my Adobe Buzzword account and look at my potential blog topics that I have typed up. Once I figure out what I am going to write about I start working on my posts. I’m still old school in that I still write a lot by hand and then type it up while editing, but I do end up writing most of my posts in Buzzword and then copying them over to my blogging platforms. For word processing I have switched from Google Docs to Buzzword, but I still use Google Docs for spreadsheets, etc.

I research my posts using Google and my previously saved posts in Evernote, and then write.

Once I finish writing, which is often delayed from Google Chat messages (mostly Raeschel), tweets popping up from Twhirl, and my impulsive desire to hit the Stumble button on my StumbleUpon tooIbar, I start doing some article promotion. I send a tweet out about my post with the shortened URL, share it on Facebook using the Firefox bookmarklet, and if it is a particularly good post I create a DailyKos diary for it. If it is Monday (like today is) I repeat the process for my weekly guest post on Future Majority.

Some things I may work on post-blogging are alpha and beta testing new online tools (currently I’m alpha testing Social Median and beta testing more things than I can count). I go through the articles I starred in Google Reader, comment on other blogs, play around on Facebook, research future blog ideas, and work on design and web stuff.

So that’s pretty much my typical online day. Feel free to share your typical online day in the comments.