CIRCLE Releases Youth Vote Numbers from West Virginia

The CIRCLE report released today shows 46,000 young voters taking part in yesterday’s West Virginia Democratic Primary.

“Young Americans have been turning out to vote at remarkable rates in these primaries. This
reflects their deep concern about the critical issues at stake and the impact of this election on
our country’s future,” said CIRCLE Director, Peter Levine. “Since 2000, young people have
been volunteering at high rates and are becoming more interested in news and public affairs.
Now they are ready to consider voting as a way of addressing major problems. The Millennials
are beginning to make their distinctive and lasting mark on American politics.”

West Virginia young voters (18-29) voted for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama 56% to 38%, making WV one of the few states that Sen. Clinton has won this demographic.

CIRCLE re-emphasizes the upward trend of youth participation:

The increase in youth turnout observed in most primaries so far continues a trend observed in
other elections since 2000. In the 2006 congressional elections, the voter turnout rate among
18-to 29-year-olds increased by three percentage points compared to the previous
congressional election of 2002. And in the 2004 presidential election, the national youth voter
turnout rate rose 9 percentage points compared to 2000, reaching 49 percent. In 2004,
under-30-year-olds were registered to vote at the highest rate in 30 years.