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Dear Senator Obama & Senator McCain,

This general election is on course to see the highest young voter turnout ever. And young people are now poised to be decisive in choosing the winner in November.

As a generation, we recognize the power we have to create real change, and we are prepared to use it. We are fighting for our country, involved in our communities, and voting. And this is just the beginning.

We call on each of you to address our needs and our hopes for our country by living up to the values at the core of our democracy and addressing the issues that young people care about most: a more democratic and open society, and a better future with more opportunity for all.

We, the undersigned, have committed that in order to earn our votes, a Presidential candidate must not only support these values, but also lay out specific plans to address the most pertinent issues affecting the future of our generation, including:

  • Equal Opportunity: The right for all young people to succeed in our country, including an affordable high-quality education, fair wages and equal access to health care for all Americans.
  • Sustainability: The right to live on a sustainable planet without the constant threat of violence in our own communities and those around the world, including significant measures to address global warming, the war in Iraq and international human rights violations.
  • Freedom of Expression: The right to express ourselves artistically and politically without undue censorship – online and off—and protest against our government.
  • Equal Representation: The right to equal representation in our democracy and the protection of young people’s right to vote without unnecessary restrictions.
  • Tolerance: The right to live in a society that does not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender, nationality or religion.

We are committed to electing a new president in November who represents us, who fights for us and makes good on his promises after elected.

If you stand with us now we will stand with you at the polls in November. We are ready. Are you ready to Rock the Vote?


Rock the Vote