Young Democrats of America Congratulate Obama, Applaud Clinton

The Young Democrats of America, on behalf of the six million young people who participated in the 2008 primary and our members across the country, congratulate Senator Obama on winning the Democratic nomination for President and applaud Senator Clinton for a history-making primary campaign in which young voters were mobilized in record numbers.

“The Young Democrats of America proudly stand behind our Democratic Presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama,” said David Hardt, President of the Young Democrats of America. “I am proud to announce that I will cast my superdelegate vote for the next President of the United States, Barack Obama. I congratulate Senator Clinton on a well-run campaign that prioritized young voters and for her personal commitment to involving young people in the electoral process.”

“Senator Obama and Senator Clinton both fought to win the votes of young people, highlighting how important this demographic has become in Democratic politics,” said Crystal Strait, YDA’s Democratic National Committeewoman and an Obama superdelegate. “Senator Obama harnessed the Young Voter Revolution, targeting youth people in innovative ways to get out the youth vote. His message of hope and optimism matches the promise of the Millennial generation.”

“Young people are ready to unite behind our nominee to bring about the change we need to get our economy back on track, make college more affordable, provide health care for all, and end the war in Iraq,” said Francisco Domenech, YDA’s Democratic National Committeeman and a Clinton superdelegate. “Young voters know that all of our Democratic candidates provided positive solutions for change, rather than the same old failed policies of Bush and McCain. Young Democrats are ready to get to work to put our country back on track.”

“We have seen unprecedented turnout among young voters this election cycle. Six million young people participated in our primary contests, an increase of 103% from 2004,” said Alexandra Acker, Executive Director of YDA. “The Young Democrats of America is launching our Young Voter Revolution campaigns to get out the youth vote in key states and build a generation of young, Democratic voters.”

According to a recent poll conducted of 18-29 year-olds, Barack Obama beats John McCain 52 percent to 39 percent (MTV/CBS, April 10-15). In nearly every primary contest, more young Democrats cast ballots than young Republicans, often by 2:1 margins, and even in staunchly conservative states. Democrats have a 19-point advantage in party identification and a 25-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot. The 2004 elections marked the largest increase in young voter turnout since 1972.