College Republicans Recruiting People to Go to DNC Convention

This email was sent out earlier today.

The Democrat convention is only a few short weeks away, and its already shaping up to be a complete spectacle. The media are falling all over themselves to give it glowing coverage, thats why CRs have to get in there and get our message out before its too late.

If there is any way you can do it, we really need you to make the trek and come help us out in Colorado. It really could be the difference this year.  Pile five kids into a car and meet us there for a great time!

We would need you in Denver from August 24th-29th to help us expose the liberal Democrats for who they really are! Will you sign up to help us out?

If you can do it, fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP about your assignment.

Spots are going fast, so sign up right away!

Thanks for all your hard work. We really need you on this one.

Thanks a ton,

Charlie Smith
National Chairman

P.S. Make sure you get signed up as soon as possible by clicking here.

I wonder what they have planned to “expose the liberal Democrats for who they really are” and how a bunch of CRs going to the Democratic Convention “could be the difference this year.”