John McCain’s No Good, Very Bad Web Video

So this is the web video that the McCain campaign put out 15 seconds after the debate ended. It attacks Barack Obama for saying John McCain is right. Here is why I think it is stupid.

First, the video makes it look like that by virtue of agreeing with John McCain on something you aren’t ready to lead. Agreeing with John McCain on a lot of things certainly implies questionable judgment, yet I don’t think that was the message they were going for.

Second, it’s misleading. Every time Obama said he agreed with McCain on something, he followed up with how he disagreed with McCain on the big picture or the way to address the problem. It’s like someone saying “America needs to be energy independent” and another saying “I agree that we need to be energy independent, but your plan isn’t the right way to get there.”

Third, it attacks the concept of bi-partisan cooperation. If anything Obama is showing where there is some common ground, which would be the basis of coming to consensus across party lines to find solutions to America’s challenges. This ad shows that when it comes to working across party lines, McCain is all talk. This is why the members of the two parties rarely work together. As soon as they do it becomes fodder for political attacks.

Here is a video created by the Huffington Post that shows Obama calling McCain out when he was dead wrong, and this poor judgment has cost our country dearly.