10 Things You Can Do Before November 4th to Elect Democrats

There is only a month left of this election cycle, and it is that time for all of us to put everything we can into it. My former boss used to tell us a month out from an election that you can do anything for 30 days. You can handle a month of working your ass off for the future of this country. Here is a list of 10 things you can do to help elect Democrats across the board.

  1. Bring registration forms, vote pledge forms, sign-up sheets, or campaign information with you wherever you go. When you go to happy hour with your friends, talk to some people you don’t know and encourage them to sign-up. Go to events and do it. If you are in college, talk to people on campus. Remember to look up the registration deadlines in your state so you don’t keep registering people after the deadline.
  2. Use my.barackobama.com to call or go to the doors of voters. The entire system is run online and you can make calls from the comfort of your home whenever you have a few minutes of time to spare.
  3. Volunteer for a local campaign. We need to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Find a local Democratic candidate and help.
  4. Talk to your friends about the election. Make sure they are registered and planning to vote.
  5. Offer to drive your friends to the polls. Whether it is for early voting or on election day, make sure that your friends who may not have cars can get to the polls to vote.
  6. Use your online social networks to get out the vote. Send Facebook messages, write on your friends’ walls, tag them in notes, whatever it takes to get them to vote.
  7. Vote early or by mail if you can. This way you will be able to help on election day and you won’t have to worry about something happening that will prevent you from voting.
  8. Write letters to editors. Talk about why it is important to elect Democrats and see if your local papers will publish them.
  9. Record a video about why you are voting Democrat. Then share it with your friends and post it online.
  10. Donate to Democrats or ask your friends and family to donate. Make sure your Democratic candidates have the resources they need to execute their GOTV programs.

There are a lot of ways that you can help. Just make sure that on November 5th you can look back and feel confident that you did everything you could to win this election.

How are you helping in the last month? Share in the comments.