The Future of This Blog

The election has come and gone. We have elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States and young voters were instrumental in his victory. We have witnessed a groundbreaking use of technology by the campaign that will change the way politics is played. Up to this point I have focused mostly on the campaign side of things, and while I will continue to write about the use of technology and youth mobilization in campaigns, I will also be expanding the subject matter that I cover.

As Democrats and young Americans we are transitioning from campaigning to governance, and my writing will reflect that. I will be writing a lot more about public policy, government 2.o, the role of young people in government, and strengthening the role of young people within the Democratic Party’s power structure.

Not all of the policy topics I will be writing about will be directly youth related, though I will be writing as a young voice in America. It is important that we as young Americans share our voices on all of the issues, not solely those that are labled as youth issues.

A lot of my youth-specific writing will be over on Future Majority, the best youth vote blog in the country, so remember to check that out.

Thank you all for reading and sharing my articles, posting your comments, and being a part of this community. Your participation means the world to me.

There’s a lot left for us to do. This is only the beginning. Let’s get to work.