Action Alert: Employee Free Choice Act

The time is here. Today, the Employee Free Choice Act will hit the floor in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. This is the single piece of legislation that will change the course of history in the Labor Movement. The YDA Labor Caucus urges its members to take part in calling their Senators and Representative and telling them that young democrats support workers right to join a union.

Don’t know who to call? Go to the link below, and type in your address. You will get the direct DC office numbers for both of your Senators and your Member of Congress.

While there are more than enough votes for EFCA to pass through the House, the Senate is no guarantee. Currently, those wavering include Senators Lincoln and Pryor from Arkansas, Senator Landrieu from Louisiana, and Senator Specter from Pennsylvania, all of whom have said they support the legislation.

Phone calls are the most important action to take. When you call, say that you support workers’ fundamental right to organize.

We hope you all will support us in solidarity as we make one final push to secure the future of Unions in this country.

YDA Labor Caucus & Young Democrats of America