Twitter Thursday – What I Was Doing Instead of Blogging

I’ve been encouraged to post some of my Tweets today here on the blog. You can follow me on Twitter at

@sarahkatheryn I’m not too worried about Pothole Syndrome. Obama just lifted the ban on stem cell research.

If VP Biden had a death squad he would make them travel to and from work via Amtrak. His assassins would remember their roots.

If I ever have a daughter I am going to put a No Derivative Works license on her so she can’t have kids until released.

FBI just raided DC CTO office. Someone must have illegally downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson album.

@steverubel Twitter can’t be the new Second Life. We don’t hit each other with digital phalluses on Twitter.

Sadly for some reason nobody wants to start a Macy Gray cover band with me. Oh well, but my vocals would have been hot.

Watching CNBC is like getting rick-rolled without Rick Astley’s angelic vocal stylings.

DOW is up for the third straight day. If it is up for a fourth it should see a doctor to make sure it isn’t priapism

@sarahkatheryn We should totally write a rap opera about Michael Steele and the new hip hop GOP.

@sarahkatheryn The first aria could be “You be da man”

I’m looking forward to Stewart v. Cramer tonight even more than Larry Craig looks forward to airport layovers.

There is no way I should get one of those ToughBook laptops. My daily computing routine would start to look like Will It Blend