Western NC GOP Calls Youth Voters “bunch of easily led, useful idiots”

The Western North Carolina Republican Party sent out a tweet this morning sharing an article about how students are indoctrinated by America-hating terrorist-loving radical left teachers and professors. If this is how the Republican Party is planning on winning the youth vote, they are as dumb as I thought:

So, this is why the youth vote went to Obama…because they’re a bunch of easily led, useful idiots. Makes sense. http://bit.ly/b6Jm

Someone needs to tell the Republicans in North Carolina that voters don’t like to be pissed on.

I wouldn’t just post this without a call to action, so here it is:

E-mail the NC GOP Chair Linda Daves LCDaves@aol.com and Executive Director Chris McClure mcclure@ncgop.org telling them that they need to respect young voters.

If you live in North Carolina write a letter to the editor of the Raleigh News & Observer.