Did You Know I’m a Radical Leftist for Not Thinking Young Voters are Idiots?

My posts here and on Blue NC about a tweet sent by the Western North Carolina GOP has seemed to have caused quite a stir. They even issued a press release about me.

Apparently I didn’t post the tweet because I think young voters should be respected, but because I am quaking in fear at the GOP’s use of Twitter:

And, Yes, to laugh at his idiot followers. This includes the morons at Blue NC and Scrutiny Hooligans. I laugh at them both because I can smell their fear, and it is delicious.

Though according to their chair, they have no idea how calling young voters “idiots” would lead misguided radical leftists like myself to think they called young voters “idiots.”

“Besides, we’re not saying that younger voters are stupid. All we’re saying is that many voters were heavily influenced by an extravagantly funded propaganda campaign like we’ve never seen before in American politics,” he continued. “I think that is a fair and accurate statement.”

The funny thing is, the argument they are trying to make saying that they aren’t calling young voters stupid but that youth are “being unwittingly manipulated by a political movement” is from Lenin. By the way, even giving them the benefit of the doubt it doesn’t respect young voters.

And trust me, that delicious smell you sense isn’t fear. I’m not scared of the GOP using new communication tools if the message being conveyed is the same as it has been. Keep sending those tweets, and I’ll keep up my “Alinskyite” tactics.