When it comes to affording college in the economic crisis, College Democrats are taking it personal. As this crisis begins to affect students’ everyday lives, we’re kicking off our “No Desk Left Open” campaign for college affordability with the story of one of our own national officers – Aarti Sheth, a junior at SUNY Stony Brook. We produced a video about Aarti and her family’s tough choices about affording college in the face of the recession. You can watch it here:

Aarti also writes about her story and our campaign on the Huffington Post. Read it here:

No Desk Left Open: My Story of the Economic Recession’s Impact on My Education

When you have a minute today, spread the word – share the video and article with your friends on campus and at home.

After listening to Aarti’s story, tell us yours. If you’re having difficulties affording college in this economy and want us to hear about it, email us at With your permission, we’ll put together stories from across the country and feature them at

Your voices make this problem real to everyone. Stories like Aarti’s are taking place across the country. Parents are having tough talks at the kitchen table while kids are having to pack up their dorm rooms and commute to school, or not come back to school at all. Let’s get the conversation going and start making sure that Republican lawmakers support more funding for higher education.


Katie Naranjo

National President
College Democrats of America