Just to show that I am not taking a few comments and getting riled up about them, here is a sample. There are 87 more pages of comments like this that I didn’t even get through. This is why Republicans call progressives elitist.

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ASU, a third rate school in a third rate state.

Racist bigots.

Obama’s already got degrees from Harvard and Columbia. Why would he need a degree from third-rate ASU?

Arizona state is a joke. They are best known for their rowdy beer drinking frats than their educational excellence.

Arizona State? Who would want to admit to earning a degree from that place? Earned or honorary.

ASU is putting on Pecksniffian airs. ASU is a third rate institution. It is a party notorius school.

ASU home of mental midgets.

He shouldn’t speak at their commencement: It’s a third rate university.

Not even a safety school.

That’s ok…Obama doesn’t really need an honorary degree from Arizona State. He can get one from any other commuinity college, anytime.

He already has one from Harvard which has a lot more prestige than some Okie college.

Didn’t you know, Arizona has become the right wing capitol of America. Of course it doesn’t want to honor a person of colour, particularly one who is far smarter than anyone on their second rate staff. With two right wing senators-one a confirmed Neo Con, the state has little left to hide including that which goes directly to ASU’s ideology-which should _never_enter the equation in a real school of higher learning. ASU has shamed itself for the last time becoming the Pepperdine of Arizona-a corporatist school of lower learning-the FOX News of the University System.

What standards did ASU set for Raul Castro when he got his “honorary degree”? Though a degree, honorary or earned from a third rate school(didn’t ASU used to be a glorified high school or something) is no prize.

ASU isnt that a internet college, un credited? ? ?

The President with attend, and gracefully deliver his address. He will then, privately, recall this as just one of many, Close Encounters of Third Rate Minds.

ASU won’t confer an honorary degree on a former Law Professor from The University of Chicago? Isn’t that sort of like a Junior High School refusing to give a Certificate of Perfect Attendance to a Rhodes Scholar?

Maybe O needs to start working on that coveted ASU pool maintenance or landscape contractor certificate to merit consideration? Maybe next year!

Harvard….Arizona State University…Harvard….Arizona State University…hmmm….I’d rather have the REAL degree from Harvard.

an honorary degree from a school that is way down everyone’s safety school list? I think I’ll pass.

It’s academia (aside from that joke of a higher learning institution, ASU) and the MSM, the public who are “concerned.” You really think a magna cum laude graduate of Columbia and Harvard, former Pres. of the Harvard Law Review, is worried about a phony, meaningless degree from ASU?

Wow, how embarrassing for ASU students and faculty. Wonder what it feels like to have the entire planet pointing a finger at you and laughing.

Sarah Palin would be much more suited to speak to these ASU clowns. President Obama is far too intelligent to get down to the ignorant level of ASU faculty and students.

protecting those who flunked out of cosmetology school and ended up at ASU?

Obama earned two (magna cum laude) degrees from two of the MOST prestigious institutions of higher learning in this country, Columbia and Harvard, including a juris doctorate. But he’s not worthy of a joke of a degree from some bottom of the pile, “open enrollment,” online U? lol It’s laughable.

ASU ? A degree from their is like earning your GED.

ASU is hardly the Harvard of the West. In days gone by ASU students observed that their vacations started in September and ended in June.

The arid zona hot heads are not very impressive.

Do you really think that he cares about the honorary degree or 6 insignificant academics from a third tier party school?

Can 95% of the citizenry name an ASU graduate (Other than Pat Tillman) or anything of significance from ASU?

Just for the record:
SAT’s of entering freshman
Critical reading –470-590
Math — 480 – 620
92% acceptance rate

SAT’s of entering freshman
Critical reading — 700-800
Math –700-790
In Wikipedia:
Harvard Law is second strongest law program in the US of A
9% acceptance rate

Who gives a shit what ASU (aka: Billy Bob’s School of Faith Healing and Typewriter Repair) thinks? Snubbing the President might well be the highlight of the committee’s otherwise dreadfully obscure life. Let ’em have it … its probably as close as they’ll ever come to mattering. The President doesn’t need these inbred shit-kickers to validate him.

Snoberry from ASU to an HLS, Columbia Grad? Haha! As I said above, it’s like someone from DeVry snubbing an M.I.T. grad.

It is a mediocre land-grant school in a state that doesn’t especially value higher education. The state is overrun by conservative mid-westerners who retire there and who hardly represent the liberal mores of its natives. Just illustrates how narrow their views really remain. With degrees from Harvard and Columbia President Obama isn’t missing anything.

Look I live in Arizona and can tell you that a degree from ASU is almost worthless so an Honorary degree would be even more so! Now if this was about The University of Arizona that would be an entirely different story altogether! ASU ; rich California kids that could not cut it at UCLA or USC, U of A ; honor roll students from everywhere!

ASU’s admission criteria is that your check clears.

Why would the United States President speak at this minor league university anyway. They should be falling all over themselves to give him their stupid honorary degree.

I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo that ASU was known for its great academics. With a school so plagued by budget cuts, staff cuts, less student intake, and getting rid of most of its satellite colleges, I wouldn’t deem this to be a good school to accept an honorary degree. This just bothers me. They barely crack the top tier schools and they have the gal to reject my President who went to two Ivy League schools. Let’s just say, ASU would NEVER be on the minds of anyone attending the distinguished schools Barack did, and having accomplished what he has by 46 is amazing.

I really hate to say it, but if he were a white president, maybe this would have happened but I seriously doubt it. By the way i know some people that got honorary degrees from ASU in Pool Cleaning and Golf course lawn mowing!

I believe ASU has that backwards; they need to come up to President Obama’s level. The president is a very smart man. I bet several of ASU students bought their degrees instead of earning the degree.

ASU is not exactly the keystone of academic excellence. Party on Tempe bikini girlz!

By the way, ASU is a state funded school, albeit not a particularly good one.

He’s too inexperienced because he graduated from Harvard instead of beer-bonging in the desert sun. His degree alone–forget the rest of his accomplishments–outweighs the “honor” they are denying him.

I, for one, do not think you have a clue what you’re talking about. Why don’t you do some research on your schools? Harvard is most always ranked in the top 10, most times they are rated No. 1. Harvard’s SAT range is 1400-1590 and they admit approximately 9% of those who apply. Columbia is also rated highly. Their SAT range is 1350-1520 and their admission rate is 27%. ASU, consistently NEVER in the top 10, never ever, not once. Their SAT range is 990-1230 and their admission rate is 79.4% (which would seem to indicate a “degree mill” with so many students gaining admission.

My, aren’t we charitable today. ASU wishes it were a third-rate school.

Jun 2, 2008, ASU is ranked 121st in the top tier of “national universities” by the US News and World Report ranking of US colleges and universities. What an embarrassment to have even an honorary degree from ASU. More’s the better for our POTUS.

A STATE university and consider the state it resides in. No more needs to be said.

ASU denies a Harvard graduate an honorary degree? Why would he want to sully his Harvard pedigree by mixing with a mongrel of a school anyway?

Do they think that his feelings will be hurt. I’m sorry was it Columbia and then Harvard…oh what school is this? ASU? Where the hell is this? Oh Arizona? Enough said!

it just goes to show you that a fake degree from ASU is more challenging than a real one … that’s gotta make the ASU alumni feel better

The Man has a degree from Harvard- I doubt he cares about a third-rate state school.

My how selective ASU has become, as I remember the only people who went there could not get into any other university.

It used to be that if you couldn’t get in to the University of Arizona (a first-class institution), you knew you always get in to Arizona State. It’s amusing that a third-rate school deems the President of the United States not yet qualified to receive an honorary degree.

ASU? Second rate school! USC wannabes. If I were the president, they would be looking for another commencement speaker. A man of Obama’s intelligence and letters deosn’t need an honorary anything from the likes of Podunk U in Arizona.

Apparently, Arizona State University (I use the latter word loosely) should adopt as its new motto the following: “When I graduate high school, I went to ASU; I went in dumb, I come out dumb too.”

Uhhh. The Arizona Solar Power Laboratory is a joke. Its the nickname for the area where students like to hang out and set up tanning chairs on cool days (98 F) to get suntans!

It’s two-bit college and I wondered how Obama would have even accepted an invitation to speak.