A lot of people that use wordpress or another CMS think that they need to install a Flickr plugin in order to embed slideshows into posts or pages. In actuality, if you are not picky about the appearance of the slideshow the process is as easy as putting some iframe code into your HTML.

Here is the code used to embed the slideshow above, pulling photos from the “Most Interesting” set of my Flickr account:

You can modify this code for your own purpose by changing the source link to your own parameters. For example, you would change the user_id field from 7682953@N04 to your own. You can find your user_id by entering your photostream link at idgettr.com.

If there is a specific set that you want to use, replace my set_id, 72157616502362230, with yours. You can find your set_id by going to your set in Flickr and looking at the URL.

If you wanted to use the whole photostream, you would end the source link after your user_id.

You can also create slideshows from group pools. To do this change “user_id” to “group_id” and enter the group_id. You can find the group_id by going to the group and clicking on the members link. The URL will show the group_id.

You may want to only include photos with specific tags from a user or group pool. To do this you change “set_id” to “tags” after the ampersand. So if I wanted to pull only photos from my photostream with the tags “Mesa” and “Arizona” the source URL would be:


While depending on your needs you may need to install a plugin (for example stylized integration into your site template), but it all you need is a slideshow to appear on your page this will do the trick.

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