Last night I watched as Arizona Republicans wreaked havoc on education and services for Arizona’s least fortunate in the last minute budget session.

The Republican budget is a disgusting manifestation of their failed priorities: corporations and the wealthy win while everyone else loses.

Here is an example of what I saw:

  • Republicans voted to privatize death row. Arizona now has contract killers.
  • Republicans cut university funding by $40 million. The universities had expressed their inability to manage such a cut.
  • Republicans denied health care to the working poor.
  • Republicans cut funding to protect the lives of abused children.
  • Republicans created a doughnut hole in assistance for medical treatment of newborns with congenital illness, with children whose families’s incomes fall into that hole at risk of dying.
  • Republicans severely cut K-12 education and included a number of screw you provisions in revenge against teachers associations for being audacious enough to advocate for education.

Democrats were not included in the negotiations about the budget, silencing the voices of the millions of Arizona Democrats.

And when the session rolled on past the midnight mark, they just turned off the clocks (literally) and pretended it was still June. If Arizona Republicans did not wait until the last minute and worked on the budget earlier instead of spending all their time coming up with new places people can bring loaded guns this would not have been an issue.

The whole process was shameful, and I hope Arizona voters remember what the Republicans have done to our state in 2010.