The California Young Democrats (CYD), offended by Governor Schwarzenegger’s flippant remarks regarding his lack of stress about California’s budget situation, are demanding that the Governor grant all Californians access to his Jacuzzi while California’s economy remains stalled due to his governance and the Republican legislators’ bargaining tactics.

In an interview published in Sunday’s New York Times, Governor Schwarzenegger made the following comments: “Someone else might walk out of here every day depressed, but I don’t walk out of here depressed”. Whatever happens, “I will sit down in my Jacuzzi tonight,” he said. “I’m going to lay back with a stogie.”

With California’s bond rating being downgraded, the budget deficit having risen by another 2 billion dollars to its current level of $26.3 billion, and a group of the biggest U.S. banks saying they will not accept California’s IOU’s after Friday, this is not the time for levity.

“We as young democrats are very disappointed in Governor Schwarzenegger’s actions and statements,” said Julie Lind, Political Director of the California Young Democrats. Lind continued, “If he’s not willing to come to the table when Democrats passed a balanced budget the least he could do is invite us to the Jacuzzi so we can have a moment of relaxation. Then he’d at least be doing something for the people.”

“Schwarzenegger’s demands include cuts that would obliterate social programs that help our neediest citizens survive,” said Alissa Ko, President of the California Young Democrats. “His comments in the New York Times make Californians feel that he neither acknowledges nor cares about the real human impact of his actions. With young people getting hit by raising costs and every state service being cut, Governor Schwarzenegger’s attitude is unbecoming of the office he was elected to.”

CYD is encouraging all of its members and anyone else who is worried about the state of California’s economy to take a few minutes to call the governor and express their disapproval of his obstinacy, in addition to requesting a moment of relief in the Governor’s hot tub.

CYD implores both political parties to work together to find a responsible solution sooner rather than later, one that assists those who need help the most, and one that does not continue to saddle our generation with further debt in the years to come.