A New Generation of Online Organizers


This week 60 progressives participated in the New Organizing Institute’s Bootcamp, in Washington, DC. Together we learned how to build a website, update it, create a new media campaign via social networks, and tweet.

Trainings prepared participants each night for their campaign activities, which center on a mock election for Mayor of DC. The candidates comprise of DC Comic superheroes, who create and execute an effective online and offline strategy.

Campaigns like Team Atom (www.atomfordc.com) launched their online campaign while learning techniques to efficiently translate online activity into votes, donations, and field volunteers. Today begins their election which takes place online at: VOTE Polls open at 7am ET and will close at 6pm ET.

The purpose of the mock election, that is supersizing DC politics and leaving Mayor Fenty shaking in his boots, is to provide participants a realistic learning environment to reinforce the concepts learned in the trainings.

As a participant and member of The Atom’s Campaign Team, I urge you to check out the cutting-edge skills young progressives are picking up at www.neworganizing.com/superherovote. (Side plug: Vote for The Atom)

By Katie Naranjo