The Women’s Caucus of the Young Democrats of America is currently seeking talented young ladies to fill four administrative positions on the caucus and eight regional appointments. For two of the administrative positions we are seeking two individuals: one east of the Mississippi and one west of the Mississippi.

The four positions that are available are:

Political: (Only one appointment will be made)

The political director will work to identify relevant candidate, issue, and advocacy campaigns across the country to support through targeted Women’s Caucus efforts. (NOTE: YDA Women’s Caucus is unable to endorse any candidate in a Primary.) It will also develop and implement women-specific campaign plans for use by state and local chapters and women’s caucuses. It will work closely with the Caucus Secretary & Communications Director to ensure that Women’s Caucus members nationwide remain informed of these various campaigns. In addition, this committee will coordinate with the YDA National Office to include targeted efforts to young women and on behalf of women’s issues in YDA’s Alliance campaign programs. The Political Director will work under the director of the Chair & Vice Chair.

Finance Director: (Two appointments will be made)

The Finance Director will work to fund to fund all Women’s Caucus programs and activities. Under the direction of the Treasurer, the finance directors will develop and implement a fundraising plan to build and maintain a donor base for the Caucus.

Communications Director: (Only one appointment will be made)

The communications director will create and disseminate our message to Women’s Caucus members and the general public. The communications director will ensure that Women’s Caucus members are informed of both national events and the activities of fellow Women’s Caucus members and groups across the country. To that end, it will be responsible for maintaining the Listserv and developing and promoting a monthly E-Newsletter and website. The communications director will work under the direction of the secretary.

Organizing Director: (Two appointments will be made)

The organizing director will work to implement YDA’s Chapter Building program at the caucus level to increase the number of women’s caucuses and further develop and support existing caucuses. It will develop and implement programs designed to increase and diversify women’s participation in all levels of YDA. The Organizing directors will serve as a resource to local and state chapters to recruit and retain more women in their organizations. The organizing directors will work under the direction of the Chair & Vice Chair.

The Regional appointments will work with the administrative appointments and the caucus exec to do direct work on their region and support Women’s Caucus initiatives in their region.

All applicants will fill out an application. The applications will be reviewed by the Women’s Caucus Officers. All finalists will receive a phone interview by the Women’s Caucus Officers.






Date of Birth:

Position seeking (if multiple, please write the multiple ones in order of desire):

Please answer the following questions:

1- Please explain why you are interested in having a Women’s Caucus appointment?

2-How have you been involved in the Young Democrats in your state?

3-What do you wish to accomplish in this position?

4-What do you feel you can add to the caucus?

5-Are you available to sit on a minimum one conference call a month and attend national meetings?

6-Please provide the name, email and phone number of two political references in your state (Not necessarily for regional appointments).

Please submit your application to by Aug 25, 2009 and title it “YDA Women’s Caucus Appointment Application.” You make also send it via facebook. Finalists will be notified of their phone interview by September 1, 2009.


For those of you that do not know me, my name is Cassi Peters and I am your new Chair of the YDA Rural Caucus. My team of great rural leaders across this country and myself are ready to get to work for you. We are very excited about the future of this caucus and will be working to formulate an action plan in the very near future.

The caucus does have appointed positions available. These positions will help very much with the elected officers and will become an integral part of our team. I encourage all of you to apply and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the responsibilities or expectations of each position.

To apply for positions, please send the following info to

Phone Number

What qualifications do you bring to the position?

What do you plan to do with the position that you will hold?

What rural issues are important to you?

If you are not on the national committee (state president, national committeewoman, or national committeewoman) please list a national committee member from your state that we can contact as a reference.

Thank you and I look forward to all of you applying!!

-Cassi Peters
YDA Rural Caucus

The Communications Director shall serve as a point of contact for media-related activity including the drafting and distribution of press releases. The Communications Director will also serve as the YDA Rural Caucus webmaster and also will maintain all social networking utilities of the YDA Rural Caucus.

The Political Director will serve as the point of contact for rural policy issues and intiatives. The director will be responsible for providing YDA Rural Caucus membership with information on policy that is pertinent. The director will create a database of rural policy and issues for members to use as a resource.

The Fundraising Director will coordinate all fundraising activities and will work closely with the Treasurer to create a fundraising plan.

The Diversity Liaison shall develop relationships with the other established YDA Caucuses and shall serve as the representative of the Rural Caucus to the Young Democrats of America Select Committee on Affirmative Action.

Regional Project leaders will serve as a representative to their areas based on the Regional Caucus system as defined by the Young Democrats of America. Regional Project leaders will spearhead the effort of creating Rural Caucus chapters in each of their regional states.