Last night, President Obama answered the call from young Americans and took a strong stance on health insurance reform in his address to Congress. The President came armed with details and a clearly outlined plan for health insurance reform, and he is now counting on us to make sure that plan turns into action.

Well over a thousand of you have signed the pledge and taken several actions in support of reform-contacting Senators, sending letters to local papers, attending town halls, and donating to keep the effort moving forward-and we must continue this fight. As the President said last night, “The time for games has passed, now is the season to act.”

Stand with President Obama and pledge to take action

Real health insurance reform must accomplish three goals:

  • It must bring stability and security to Americans who have insurance today;
  • It must make sure there is affordable coverage for those who currently aren’t insured or underinsured; and
  • It must reduce the unsustainable growth in the cost of health care.

President Obama has now asked us all to contact our elected officials in the House of Representatives. We have added this as a new action in our pledge with a tool that will let you easily contact your Representative.

Take action and help make our generation is the last to have to take up this cause

The President needs our help to improve the lives of millions of Americans. Young Americans have the power to make the dream a reality and fight to pass real health insurance reform. Thank you for the work you have already done and continue to do.


Crystal Strait
Young Democrats of America

P.S. If you have already signed the pledge you can take our new action here.