A post today from the CNN Political Ticker Blog had the headline “DNC falls short of RNC in September cash haul.”

The Democratic National Committee raised just over $8 million last month, according to a party source – a total that would put the DNC behind the Republican National Committee for the month, which reported earlier Tuesday that they brought in $8.74 million in September.

At this point the headline is accurate, though with $740 thousand being the difference falls short sounds a little worse than if it was “RNC edges out DNC in September.”

But the for the entire third quarter of the year, the DNC edged out the RNC by around $1.3 million, the first time the Democratic Party has topped the GOP in fundraising for a quarter since the spring of 2004.

Wait a second, the headline is about the RNC raising more money in September, but the DNC outraised the RNC for the quarter, and it’s the first time in 5 years? Their headline isn’t incorrect, but it’s not the actual story. Plus, notice how they use the lighter “edged” when talking about the DNC outraising the RNC by $1.3 million.