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Substantive Ideas for Creating Better Citizens | Future Majority Stop the Stupak/ Pitts Amendment — Forward Kansas

Worst Facebook Ad Ever?

If this isn’t the worst Facebook ad I have ever seen, it is right up there. Rule #1: Never use Microsoft Paint, especially for trying to write text by hand. Rule #2: Try not to use the phrase “Chubby Singles.” Rule #3: See Rule #1. And in case you were wondering, this ad is for […]

links for 2009-11-27

How to Manage a Group Project in Google Wave – Google Wave – Lifehacker UC Tuition Hike, UC Students Strike – HackCollege – Student-Powered Lifehacking

links for 2009-11-26

Miley Cyrus And New Online Hub Encourages Teens To Get Their Good On Jessy Tolkan: Attn Leaders: Share Your Ideas With Obama at Wednesday's Youth Clean Energy Forum LAMBDA 10 PROJECT: National LGBT & Straight-Ally Sorority Charters Fourth Chapter in U.S. on the campus of K-State | You Can Run from Blue State, But… | […]

links for 2009-11-25

GEN-WE Blog » Blog Archive » The Progressive Shift YDA Orlando Wrap Up | Future Majority Headcount: 22 Percent of Concert-Going Music Fans Lack Health Care | Future Majority e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics » Drinking from the Firehose: Why Obama Should Stay the Hell Off Twitter Look familiar? Old campaign tool, new advocacy […]

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