The League of Young Voters has launched a new online action that enables young Americans who support reproductive rights to contact their Senators in opposition to anti-choice clauses in the final bill.

“It was extremely painful for me to feel compelled to vote for a bill that contained that kind of restriction on a woman’s ability to make her own reproductive choices.”
-Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)

The Stupak Amendment prohibits the funding of abortion by the new federal insurance program – the “public option” – and prohibits the use of federal subsidies to purchase other insurance that covers abortion. It’s as anti-choice as you get.

With the Stupak Amendment in the House Health Care Reform Bill (HR 3962), American women will be worse off after Health Care Reform passes.

We can’t let our Senators make the same mistake.

If we can block the addition of anti-choice clauses to the Senate Bill, we have a good chance of keeping it out of the final Health Care legislation. If the Stupak Amendment ends up in both Congressional bills, it will be extremely difficult to keep it out of the final Legislation.

With youth support now, pro-Choice Democrats can squelch the Stupak Amendment.

Go check out and contact your Senator. Youth efforts made a big difference in passing HR 3962 in the House, now it’s time to keep up the fight and ensure that health insurance reform doesn’t come at the expense of women’s rights.

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