If you have been watching any news over the last month or two there is probably a word that you have been hearing every 10 minutes. It’s also a word that you probably did not hear all that often in the past. The word that I refer to is “dithering.”

I used Google Trends to visualize the effect that this sparsely-used word’s inclusion in the GOP talking points had on its popularity.


“Dithering” was hardly used until late in 2009. Let’s look at the last few months.


At the end of October “dithering” spikes when former Vice President Cheney kicked off the talking point buzz-word bonanza, only to be followed by nearly every GOP spokesperson, elected official, candidate, and all the media outlets.

The GOP noise machine is as strong as ever. If they were half as good at stimulating the economy as they are at stimulating the usage of dormant verbs, we wouldn’t be in a recession right now.

Now I should probably stop dithering and get ready for the YDA National Conference in Orlando this weekend.