The Young Democrats of America (YDA), the official youth arm of the Democratic Party representing Democrats age 14-36, held its fall conference in Orlando, Florida the weekend of November 20-22. At the conference, the YDA Women’s Caucus convened to discuss business for the upcoming year.

Members voted to add a new paragraph to the by-laws to specify that voting members include women “who self identify as female regardless of the gender assigned at birth.”

Women’s Caucus Chair Elena Weiss, of Georgia, said that the language was added “to express the feelings of the membership that all women, including transgender women, should feel welcome to be a part of the mission of empowering young women in the political process.”

The Young Democrats of America will meet again in February in New Orleans for their spring conference.

About the Young Democrats of America Women’s Caucus:
The Women’s Caucus of the Young Democrats of America is a grassroots youth and young professional women’s organization that has produced many of the current leading women activists and elected officials in all levels of the Democratic Party. It is the only official Democratic group that serves young women age 14-36. For more information, please visit: