Arizona Kind of Sucks Right Now

If anyone wanted to know what happens when Republicans control nearly every aspect of a state, here is a sample of what is happening in the Arizona government right now.

First, we are going to go and privatize our state parks.

How about publicizing the names of everyone who needs welfare support?

Or slashing Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance?

Despite the ban on restricting eligibility, hard-hit states like California and Arizona are considering proposals by their governors that would remove hundreds of thousands from the rolls once the federal financing ends. Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, a Republican, has called for eliminating Medicaid coverage for 310,000 childless adults and ending the Children’s Health Insurance Program to help close a two-year budget gap of about $4.5 billion.

Let’s not forget trying to cut the minimum wage for young people.

They are also magically turning nuclear power into renewable energy.

Home values are still dropping, and some AZ motorists have resorted to selling ad space on their cars.