Young Democrats of America Vice-President Colmon Elridge of Kentucky issued the following statement regarding the actions of Senator Jim Bunning:

It is unfortunate that Senator Jim Bunning has been away from Kentucky so long that he has forgotten the values that have shaped our Commonwealth and the spirit of commitment to the common good that is present in communities from Pikeville to Paducah and everywhere in between.

Because of the actions of the Junior Senator from Kentucky, one million Americans stand to lose their unemployment insurance. One million Americans, their families, and their communities will suffer because one person has put politics above people and partisanship above compassion for his fellow man.

The people of Kentucky deserve a Senator who shares our values. “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” are more than just words on our state flag. They are a reminder that how we survive as Kentuckians – and Americans – is to offer a helping hand to those in need and to work in a spirit of good-faith to shape America into that more perfect union.

Senator Bunning’s actions prove that a strong Democratic presence is needed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This incident stresses the importance of wining in November and returning a Kentuckian to Washington that shares our values and speaks to the common decency. Young Democrats are dedicated to shaping a Kentucky and an America that rise above these petty political maneuvers and put people first. My only wish is that, as so many Kentuckians who have served us in our nation’s capitol have done before, Senator Bunning would have retired a statesman and not a tyrant.

Colmon Elridge III
Young Democrats of America