In a post on RedState, the farm team for CNN contributors, blogger Neal Stevens implies that conservatives would have repealed Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare if they had the opportunity, but that it took too long for Republicans to regain control of Congress and by that time the American people realized those programs were actually really good things:

We’ve never been in this situation before, where we’ll actually win an election on the heels of passage.

Social Security: Passed in 1935. Republicans take House and Senate in 1947, 12 years later.

Medicare and Medicaid: Passed in 1965. Republicans take Senate in 1981, 16 years later.

Obamacare: Passed in 2010. Republicans take House in 2011, one year (9 months, actually) later?

There’s just no comparison. We can fight back before much of it even takes effect, not over a decade later when the benefits are entrenched.

Republicans are jumping at the opportunity to kill something that will help millions of Americans because they have a chance to do it before the American people can realize its full benefits. That pretty much defines the party of no.

Seems strange that these same Republicans were saying people should oppose reform because it would hurt Medicare. It’s more like the party of lies, fear, and no.