The Environmental Defense Action Fund has launched a Campus Video Challenge for student environmental groups.

The student environmental group that adds the most unique videos telling Senators to support climate legislation to their personal Take a Stand YouTube playlist by May 30th can earn up to $3,000 in grants for future projects.

The university groups that upload the most videos will win grants to support future activism. We know there are lots of demands on student’s time, so this is our way of encouraging campus groups to get involved in this national movement. They may also have a chance to meet with their Senator’s office to state their appeal in person!

* The group with the most videos will receive $3,000
* The group with the 2nd most videos will receive $1,500
* The next five groups with the most videos will receive $500

You can use the money to continue your activism however your group sees fit after the challenge is over. Your group could use the grant to:

* Organize an event to raise awareness of environmental issues
* Invite a guest speaker to give a talk at your campus
* Plan a field trip to visit a local NGO working on environmental issues
* Have a t-shirt design contest and print the winning design

You must upload a minimum of 100 videos to be eligible for a grant. This is just a minimum – we expect the top winning groups to upload many more.

You can learn more about the challenge at and become a fan of the challenge on Facebook.