“Another provision of health insurance reform to give greater health care security to American families is moving forward with guidance released yesterday on the benefit for young adults to stay covered under their parents’ insurance plans until age 26.

“The effective date of this new policy is September 23, 2010, but due to outreach by Democrats to encourage insurance companies to act early, every major insurer has said they will provide continuous coverage for young adults immediately. This means that many students graduating from college this spring will be able to retain coverage as they begin their adult lives and launch their careers.

“So instead of going through their early 20’s crossing their fingers and hoping they stay healthy, young adults will now have an option for affordable health care, and families will have the peace of mind that all their loved ones will be covered.

“This benefit is one of the many that have taken affect in the seven weeks since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law – and one that Republicans would take away if they ever succeeded in repealing reform. Rather than deny Americans benefits that give them more control over their health care, Democrats will continue working to make health care work better for families and small businesses.”