U.S. Sen. John McCain just sent an unmistakable message that he will stand up for Wall Street hedge fund managers and stand against those knocked out of work by the recession Wall Street caused.

McCain voted against H.R. 4213, the unemployment insurance, jobs and tax extenders bill, legislation that would extend unemployment benefits at a time when jobs are scarce. Meanwhile, banks are afraid to lend under threat from hedge fund managers, who are happy with the status quo because they benefit from a 15 percent tax rate on their income. That’s a little more than half what middle class wage earners pay on their taxes.

McCain’s top five 2008 campaign contributors were Wall Street banks and he suspended that campaign to race back to Washington, D.C. to help bail out these banks.

Meanwhile, Arizona voters have overwhelmingly agreed to raise their own taxes to protect schools, public safety and health care services.

“I’ll stand up for Arizona workers and businesses who pull their own weight. I’ll stand up for those who lost their jobs because far-off financiers’ risky schemes collapsed,” said U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman. “John McCain seems happy to stand up for his friends who caused this mess.”