A recent poll conducted by the Economist/YouGov on support for the Tea Party shows that young voters are the least likely to identify as a part of the “movement” out of all age groups.

The poll also shows that President Obama’s highest approval ratings on issues come from voters between the ages of 18 and 29.

In response to the question “If the 2010 elections for U.S. Congress were being held today, who would you vote for in the district where you live?” — young voters support Democrats over Republicans 50.4% to 30.6%, compared to 44.3% to 39% among voters 30-64 and 32.1% to 57.1% among 65+ voters.

Despite the New York Times’ recent drivel, young voters are the most supportive of the President and the Democratic Party and the least supportive of Republicans and the Tea Party among all age demographics.