Rock the Vote has launched a new website designed to help young voters get their questions answered about voting in the November election that would function like “Yelp for politics.”

From the RTV blog:

We’ve created Electionland as a one-stop shop for the 2010 elections — the place where you can ask and answer questions on everything related to elections in your state. You can find you state’s voter registration deadline and fill out a voter registration application. You have access to folks with big brains about what’s on the ballot. You can get answers to questions big and small. In some states, candidates will answer your questions directly. (We’ve got them to answer some questions Rock the Vote compiled from young voters and we’re fired up to bring you the content from our innovative friends at 10 Questions starting in October.)

At the moment Electionland has more in common with Yahoo! Answers than with Yelp, but with some major buy-in from candidates it would have potential. The site allows candidates to hold online town halls using its platform, as well as online candidate debates. Perhaps some smaller races will take advantage of these features if they are publicized well, but I would be surprised if a lot of high-profile races jumped on board for online debates.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with being mostly a question-and-answer resource for voting information, and it already provides useful information for young voters who are unsure about the process.

If you are a candidate that is thinking about using Electionland’s online town hall or debate features, we would love to hear your thoughts about the service in the comments.