From YDA President Rod Snyder:

Two weeks from today, America will make a choice. We can either return to the failed Republican policies that left us on the brink of economic collapse, or we can support Democrats who are working to take America forward.

Today YDA is launching a nationwide “pledge to vote” campaign to remind millions of young Americans to vote for Democrats on November 2.

Visit our online vote pledge form and add your name today. (

If you are a state or local chapter leader, you can also download and customize vote pledge cards with your own logo and website address. These cards can be used during door-to-door canvassing, high school or college campus outreach, or any place where young people spend time.

Democrats in Congress are working to improve the lives of young Americans. In less than two years, they have delivered one of the largest investments in student aid, expanded health care options specifically for those under 26 years old, guaranteed equal pay for equal work for women, and ended unfair practices by credit card companies.

Once again, the future of our country rests in our hands. In 2008 young people made the difference in hundreds of closely contested races. In 2010 we will prove that we’re not going away.

Pledge to vote on November 2.


Rod Snyder
Young Democrats of America

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