From the release for Gallup’s new poll about public opinion of the health care law (emphasis mine):

Americans are most likely to say the healthcare law passed earlier this year goes too far (42%), while 29% say it does not go far enough and 20% say it is about right. Those who believe the law goes too far tend to favor repealing it and passing a new bill as opposed to scaling back the existing bill or repealing the law and not passing new legislation in its place.

The summaries of these polls have been continually framed in a way that gives the impression that the American people are against health care reform. Since the question splits the supporters of health care reform into two responses, while all detractors fall into one, the summary presents the detractor response as “most likely.” What the poll is really saying is that most Americans either support the new law or want a stronger one 49-42%. The presentation of the results in these summaries is helping fuel the negative narrative surrounding health care reform.

On another note, health care is two words. Go back to school, Gallup.