links for 2011-08-31

Gary Anderson: Chilean Students Show the Way Ivy League Fooled: How America's Top Colleges Avoid Real Diversity – Education – GOOD Millennials Pessimistic about Future of U.S. with Little Interest in Becoming Business… — NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Campaign Reporters Are Younger, and Cheaper – News from EPI: New college grads […]

Thoughts on Alyssa Bereznak’s Gizmodo Post

Gizmodo writer Alyssa Bereznak awoke the kraken yesterday by posting a scathing article about her series of dates with Magic: The Gathering world champion Jon Finkel.

links for 2011-08-30

Millennials Promise Brighter Future for Gay Rights | Care2 Causes David Sloan Wilson: From Lecture Halls to City Streets: Putting Evolution to Work Marian Salzman: Vacation Complications (Think Generations) "Don't Ask Don't Tell": Exclusive Interviews with Gay Servicemen: Big Issues: GQ National Youth Administration » New Deal 2.0 STUDY: Women Click More Facebook Ads Than […]

The West Wing – Qaddafi, Qaddhafi, Gadahfi

A little Leo McGarry to brighten your day.

links for 2011-08-29 (finally) launches – OhMyGov News Sina Weibo, Twitter Of China, Cuts Off Blog Accounts Over 'Rumors' Study Finds the Internet Is Actually Bad for Revolutions – Technology – The Atlantic Wire CIRCLE » The Benefits of Volunteering – What We Know UCSD library cuts mean 150,000 books must go | California Watch USC to […]

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