I get asked a lot about where I find the links I clip to every day. Inspired by The Atlantic’s What I Read feature, I decided to post my own.

The main source for my clips is Google Reader, where I subscribe to around 500 active feeds. The feeds are triaged into folders based on the likelihood that they will contain something clipworthy and by topic. I use the ‘J’ and ‘K’ keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through the posts until I see a relevant headline.

Some of my must read sources are Future Majority, obviously, Campus Progress, CIRCLE, Drum Major Institute, e.politics, Higher Ed Watch, Inside Higher Ed, Millennial Makeover, Navarrow Wright, New Policy Institute, New Geography, Peter Levine, Pew Research, Rock the Vote, National Journal’s Tech Daily Dose, TechPresident, The Bivings Report, and ThinkProgress. The spreadsheet of all of my feeds is published as a Google Doc if you want to check them all out.

On my second laptop I have a number of news sites bookmarked so I can scan the homepages.

I have two folders for news proper, including at least one newspaper from every state and major city and the national outlets. I have a folder for international news sources like Al Jazeera English, Le Monde Diplomatique, and EuroNews. Other folders are for youth organizations, think tanks, official government sources, entertainment news sites, polling firms, literary journals, and tech sites. I also have aggregation sites like Google Fast Flip, Newsmap, popurls, and Alltop.

I am also on a number of email lists, including Politico’s Playbook and Morning Money, Council on Foreign Relations Daily Brief, The Hill’s E-news, Washington Post Morning Fix, McClatchy Washington Bureau Newsletter, CNN Political Ticker, Gallup News, Rasmussen Reports, Morning Joe’s Morning Minutes, Nonprofit Quarterly Newswire, ECA Today, Foreign Policy Daily Brief, Netted, the NY Times and Washington Post lists, and the press lists for a number of federal agencies. I also use Summify and Trove to round up stuff that has been shared on social media.

That, combined with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, is where the articles from my clips lists come from.