Rick Perry’s Budget Cuts Will Leave 49,000 Teachers Without A Job And 43,000 College Students Without Financial Aid | ThinkProgress – Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters And Encourage Them To Re-Register In Another State | ThinkProgress – Why Does Obama Keep Inviting Me To Dinner? | The New Republic – […]

Yesterday, Colin Delany, a fellow online politico who runs epolitics.com, posted an article entitled “This Election’s Not Going To Be Won in Hashtags.” The main thrust of the article can be summed up with this line: But let’s have a sense of proportion: a hashtag here and there is trivial compared with the grand sweep […]

links for 2011-09-27

New Book Explores How Millennials Shape American Life, Culture | PBS NewsHour | Sept. 26, 2011 | PBS FarmVille farmers might endorse presidential candidates in-game Some candidates jump on Facebook campaign ad tools How Political Forces Want to Use Facebook, Farmville for 2012 Election | GamePolitics Gamasutra – News – Univ Of Utah Game Seeks […]

Links for 9-27-2011

Delicious, the service I used to create my link posts, has switched to new owners and it appears that it no longer will automatically generate the posts. I’ll try to keep up manually until I can come up with a better solution. This means there will be fewer links but more context around them. If […]

On April Fool’s Day 2010, I posted a fake story about Republicans using Farmville to reach out to young voters. It turns out, 17 months later, that story has become true. Imagine my surprise when I started seeing my Photoshopped RNC FarmVille screenshot on Games.com, GamaSutra, and GamePolitics. Unfortunately my other April Fool’s Day posts […]

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