Google Correlate finds trends between different sets of Google searches and presents graphs and statistical relationships for the two terms. I decided to go through the list of U.S. states and see what their top correlations were. These results excluded terms that contained the state name, abbreviation, or obvious misspelling (with the exception of Alabama, which did not have other results.) A lot of these correlate to other states or counties, but there are some surprises on the list.

Alabama: alamba (r-.6080)
Alaska: mat-su valley (r=.7383)
Arizona: illinois (r=.9304)
Arkansas: county building (r=.7579)
California: distributor (r=.9537)
Colorado: oregon (r=.9087)
Connecticut: pennsylvania (r=.9809)
Delaware: bucks county (r=.8956)
Florida: mandalay (r=.8981)
Georgia: county south (r=.9470)
Hawaii: map oahu (r=.8885)
Idaho: utah (r=.8798)
Illinois: washington (r=.9696)
Indiana: county (r=.7502)
Iowa: ocmulgee state park (r=.6483)
Kansas: realty associates (r=.8639)
Kentucky: derby list (r=.8874)
Louisiana: mississippi (r=.9459)
Maine: provincetown (r=.9448)
Maryland: estate law (r=.9812)
Massachusetts: real estate new york (r=.9718)
Michigan: county wisconsin (r=.9209)
Minnesota: county new york (r=.9809)
Mississippi: louisiana (r=.9459)
Missouri: county south (r=.9182)
Montana: hannah (r=.9140)
Nebraska: tennessee (r=.7931)
Nevada: clep exams (r=.8721)
New Hampshire: javascript hide (r=.8841)
New Jersey: maryland (r=.9809)
New Mexico: illinois (r=.9410)
New York: hartford connecticut (r=.9785)
North Carolina: county new jersey (r=.9778)
North Dakota: moorhead minnesota (r=.8114)
Ohio: cuyahoga (r=.8819)
Oklahoma: riverside hospital (r=.8184)
Oregon: island new york (r=.9149)
Pennsylvania: connecticut (r=.9809)
Rhode Island: maryland (r=.9570)
South Carolina: builders (r=.9424)
South Dakota: county oregon (r=.8840)
Tennessee: local newspaper (r=.9372)
Texas: concourse hotel (r=.8899)
Utah: idaho (r=.8798)
Vermont: feline (r=.9546)
Virginia: european patent (r=.9327)
Washington: county new jersey (r=.9737)
West Virginia: county north carolina (r=.8726)
Wisconsin: maryland (r=.9359)
Wyoming: colorado (r=.8197)