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Cindy Dinh posted commentary for The League of Young Voters Education Fund about the effect Texas’ new voter ID law, SB 14, will have on college students.

On the undocumented student tuition front, the National Journal is reporting that TX Lieutenant Gov. David Dewhurst is breaking to the right of Gov. Perry and is now opposing in-state tuition for the children of undocumented immigrants. In better news, the Rhode Island education board has taken the opposite stance and voted to allow in-state tuition.

The New York Times is reporting a study that shows despite enrollment growth at American colleges and universities, graduation rates are down.

Over on Future Majority, Hilary Nachem writes about Wisconsin Senate hopeful Tammy Baldwin’s commitment to young voters.

As I mentioned yesterday, my 2010 April Fool’s Day post has become true: FarmVille is becoming a target for political outreach on the Republican side. In addition to the links mentioned in yesterday’s post, check out this article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Hendrix’s latest Facebook project is what he refers to as “the gamification of politics.” In virtual reality games such as Facebook’s popular “FarmVille,” he sees a demographic frontier for Republicans in 2012. He has written software, to be released later this year, that will allow “FarmVille” players to get active in politics within the game. Their online characters will be able to go door to door to other players’ imaginary farms, campaigning for real-life candidates and placing yard signs on their lawns. Hendrix is blunt about his intentions. “The majority of social gamers are stay-at-home moms over 38,” said Hendrix. And they vote. He hopes to use the game “to target soccer moms again.”

And finally, check out Morley Winograd and Michael Hais on PBS Newshour discussing their new book Millennial Momentum: How a New Generation Is Remaking America.