The Nation has announced their newest topical page, StudentNation, that focuses on issues affecting young Americans and college students. The page also features information about internship opportunities, student conferences, and their student writing contest.

Below is the announcement email:

Dear Nation Reader,

Despite unkind media impressions about youth apathy, there are countless examples of engaged young people creatively combating racism, sexism, economic injustice, climate change, draconian social policies and religious intolerance.

StudentNation chronicles these projects in a continually-updated group blog written by students and young writers taking on a vast range of issues and reporting projects.

Check it out today for an insider’s look into the world of youth activism, and please tell any young people you may know about the writing opportunities for young journalists and activists we’re providing through StudentNation.

See you online!

All the best,

Peter Rothberg
Associate Publisher

While it is good that students are getting this kind of focus, there is still a lack of writing and resources on non-college youth. Hopefully we will see more outlets follow suit and even expand to young adult issues beyond the student demographic.