Generation Opportunity At It Again

In August I wrote about the astroturf “youth organization” Generation Opportunity and how it was using people who liked “Being American” as a means of legitimacy. Well, it turns out one deceptive Facebook page just wasn’t enough. Generation Opportunity has announced their new Facebook project: The Constitution.

The page was created on October 26, 2010 and has the same modus operandi as “Being American”: posting loaded statements and questions that push conservative ideology and policy. “The Constitution” obviously feels violated by the Affordable Care Act, is a big fan of the 10th amendment, and is outraged by the government assassination of Ronald McDonald.

Over 500,000 people like “The Constitution,” which is giving Generation Opportunity a bigger number of people that they claim to speak for. I was curious to see if there was an actual Generation Opportunity Facebook page and find out how many supporters it had. Turns out that there is one, and they sure have a massive following:

Generation Opportunity Page

They have 148 fans.