Links for January 31, 2012

President Obama’s Google+ Hangout: No Pot Questions, But Plenty of Intellectual Property | TechPresident Harvard announces fund for next generation Gates and Zuckerbergs | ZDNet College papers struggle with GOP endorsements as youth distrust of media grows | Poynter. Nikki Haley Hires John Boehner’s $520/Hr Lawyer To Defend Illegal Voter Suppression Law | ThinkProgress Obama […]

Links for January 30, 2012

Senate to Debate Again When and How Government Seizes the Cloud – ReadWriteCloud NDAA: A Campaign Mood Killer for Youth | The Next Great Generation State Puts a Precise Cost on Helping Illegal Immigrant Students – SchoolBook College Students on Religious Campuses to Get Contraception Covered – Campus Progress What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? […]

Links for January 28, 2012

How Not to Get Censored on Twitter – Technology – The Atlantic Wire Kevin Carey: Obama Vs. Colleges: It’s About Time! | The New Republic GOP Bill Tries To Drive Wedge Between Undocumented Servicemembers And Undocumented College Students | ThinkProgress » What Happens When 33,000 Young People Show up to Talk Politics? @theleague99 pushback » […]

Links for January 27, 2012

Obama Focuses on High Tuition Costs, Calling Higher Education An ‘Economic Imperative’ – Campus Progress Obama Wants to Put Colleges on Notice – Politics – The Atlantic Wire

Links for January 27, 2012

Obama to Link Aid for Colleges to Affordability – How Poor Performance in College Sets Students Up for a Lifetime of Difficulty – Education – GOOD why young people react favorably to the word socialism « Peter Levine Petition Calls For Sallie Mae to Stop Extra Charges on Unemployed Grads [NEWS] | Brazen Life […]

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