I Must Have Been an Outlier

Since my generation apparently doesn’t care about the environment, at least according to one Jean Twenge, I was shocked when I found this school assignment I did in 1991 when I was 8.

Links for March 31, 2012

Obama Fundraising Text Messages Use New Tactic | Swampland | TIME.com 5 Web Services That Are Using Technology To Help With Charity & Social Change Diane Ravitch: Profitizing Education Puts Our Nation At Risk | Crooks and Liars Daily Kos: Focus on the Family gearing up for annual pro-bullying day Daily Kos: Republican budget: Ryan […]

Some Site Statistics

I saw some numbers related to this site that blew my mind a bit: This current iteration of KevinBondelli.com (it existed a couple years previously but the posts were lost) has had 1,944 published posts. Through my Delicious account, which I use to create the link posts, I have bookmarked and shared 18,802 links. In […]

Links for March 30, 2012

#AskVP Your Questions About College Affordability | The White House Millennials reject cynicism | canada.com House Advances Abortion Bill Blocking Interstate Travel If Parents Are Not Present | ThinkProgress Tuscaloosa Schools Will Allow Same-Sex Couples To Attend Prom | ThinkProgress Downtown Cleveland’s boom is real, experts say, thanks to millennials moving in | cleveland.com School […]

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