Let me begin by saying that the kid the cop chokes out in this video was an idiot. While I have seen people respond to this video saying the cop’s actions were justified because the kid was asking for it, it is clear that this is an example of excessive force.

The kid is up in the cop’s face and is generally acting like a punk. The girl with the kid gets in between him and the cop in an attempt to calm her friend down and diffuse the situation. Macho man cop pushes the girl out of the way and gets right back up in the kid’s face, re-escalating the conflict. Then, as the kid is standing there, the cop grabs him by the throat, lifts him in the air, and chokes him out while walking him across the street.

If the cop felt the need to arrest the kid, he could have easily done so. If you are strong enough to chokelift someone and walk across the street with them dangling in mid-air, you are strong enough to normally restrain them. If a civilian were to have done what the cop did, they would be arrested for assault.

Sure, that kid looks like a little punk, but that doesn’t excuse brutality.