Have you ever wanted to publish an op-ed in the NYT, WSJ, or HuffPo?

PolicyMic.com, a website designed to foster political debate among young leaders, is currently accepting applications for their Political Journalism Bootcamp, which will train you to write provocatively and persuasively about politics and culture.

“The PolicyMic bootcamp is a wonderful way for aspiring writers to hone their writing skills, develop their opinions, and get published to a wide audience…Whether you are a experienced writer, political junkie, or just want to learn about internet media, I am sure this internship will be a rewarding experience.”

-Dillon Cory, UChicago 2014

“If you are interested in political journalism or public policy research, go through PolicyMic’s boot camp. Not only will you get an opportunity to build an audience and interact with a knowledgeable and diverse community, but you will work with a team of talented editors that will help sharpen every aspect of your writing…I highly recommend it.”

-Cameron English

“PolicyMic’s bootcamp has been a great experience. It provides a chance to fine tune your writing style and engage in a debate of ideas in a medium that is professional and interactive. I highly recommend being involved with PolicyMic!”

-Jason Hensley, Students for Liberty

“PolicyMic’s bootcamp is excellent training for anyone who wants to learn about how the internet news cycle works and how to get a piece of the action. The editors are stellar and provide concrete feedback that helps refine your writing in each subsequent round. The training is intense and is well-worth the investment of time and effort.”

-Sehreen Noor Ali

As a member of the bootcamp, you will complete a series of challenges over the course of 7 weeks designed to test and train your writing and new media skills. Along the way, there are prizes to win and our editors will give you feedback on everything you write. When you’re done, you will have a polished portfolio of writing and an audience of readers.

This writing program will span 7 weeks, and all work can be done remotely, with a flexible time schedule within each week. To apply, please visit this page: